I've been writing for years, and never bothered to index it. Here's a (still very incomplete) start to that.


In addition to the huge piles of documentation I collected and collated at the linux kernel documentation page, I've authored some of my own along the way. A few examples:

Open source strategy papers

The commoditization argument for open soure (February 2007).

The 64-bit deadline (July 2006, with Eric Raymond, who insisted on calling it "World Domination 201". I wrote most of this one.)

Halloween IX - It ain't necessarily SCO (Local Mirror), a line by line rebuttal to SCO's first amended complaint against IBM (August 2003, with Eric Raymond. I wrote most of this one, by which I mean the rebuttal, not the complaint. :)

Contributed to OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint (March 2003, with Eric Raymond. Eric wrote most of this one.)

Why Linux isn't on the desktop yet (April 2002 for Linux and Main). Original at archive.org and commentary at Linux Today.

The Motley Fool

From 1998-2000 I wrote for The Motley Fool, as TMFOak.

There are well over hundred of these to index, I wrote more than once a week for three years. I should probably give this its own page, but in the meantime...

The "three waves" series.

(Local Mirror) Some third party reaction to the three waves series at First Monday

What Intel does for a living

You really really want to read the local mirror versions of these, not the originals. Locally I've struck out some of the more obvious "capering" my editor hosed these articles down with in an attempt to make them smell like the Fool's house style.

Intellectual Property