Various things I've done have been recorded. Frightening thought, isn't it?

Audio recordings

Intro to Embedded Systems, a talk Garrett Kajmowicz and I gave at Penguicon 5. (local mirror).

Back when I worked at timesys, they Interviewed me for a podcast they did. (local mirror) Sheer convenience, I worked down the hall from their recording booth.

Mark Miller and I gave a highly abbreviated hour-long version of our day-long training session "Developing for non-x86 targets using QEMU" at Ohio LinuxFest 2009. Alas, their audio recording equipment severely glitched the audio (flash erase/write cycles on netbooks can have huge latency spikes), and the first minute of the recording is an utterly embarassing DJ introducing us for no readily apparent reason, but here's the mp3 anyway. (The slides in question are available on the project's web page).

The Rise and Fall of Copyleft, 2013 talk I gave at Ohio LinuxFest on why splitting "the GPL" into multiple incompatible versions was a bad thing. [This talk is badly in need of editing.] (local mirror, outline)

I was interviewed by the Linux Luddites podcast on episode 11 (local mirror) and again episode 88 (local mirror).

Video recordings

Building the simplest possible Linux system at ELC 2017. Oh _wow_ I was jetlagged by my red-eye flight. You might want to turn the speed up to at least 1.25, maybe 1.50. :)

CELF/ELC 2013: Why android must become self-hosting, and how Toybox can help. Here's the outline.

The Prototype and the Fan Club - talk at Flourish 2010. They missed the first minute or so and the audio takes another minute to clear up. (Basically the thesis statement that successful open source projects ship a small simple prototype, and then a fan club forms around it, and there's reasons for this.) The outline might help a bit.

2008 OLS compiler BOF I hosted. (local mirror) I expected to talk for about 3 minutes then shut up and listen. Turns out I suck at that. (I even moved away from the front of the room at one point, but people kept asking me questions...)

My old OLS 2007 talk on cross compiling.

BusyBox state of the union 2006, a talk I gave at CELF. Keep in mind that I'd been awake _all_night_ (sleeping on the floor of the Los Angeles airport doesn't really work).

Populating initramfs with busybox and uClibc (local mirror), a tutorial I gave at OLS 2006. - These days I'd point people at my cross compilers instead of the timesys ones, and probably use qemu instead of User Mode Linux.

Fun with liquid nitrogen

I dump liquid nitrogen into the hotel swimming pool at Penguicon 4. (Here's a local copy at higher resolution.) The ice cream ingredients ran out before before the liquid nitrogen did, so Sunday afternoon we played with the remaining stuff, freezing things in it, dipping towels in it so "fog girl" could run through the halls, etc. After I dumped a bowl in the hot tub and got much fog, Howard Tayler (of Schlock Mercenary) got his video camera while I filled the biggest bowl we had to dump it in the pool. (And _this_ is why a convention likes to fill up the entire hotel and "own" it for the weekend. Just sayin'.) Howard's the one providing narration, and the woman who jumps in (I think somebody offered her $20 to do it) is Molly DeBlanc, she's the blonde in the green coat leaning against the wall near the beginning (and halfway through this video she asks Linus Torvalds a question).

Will it blend - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (Spoiler: the answer was "no". On the bright side, how often do you get to say "But at least we caught it on video!") Mark and myself attempted to make mango ice cream in a blendtec blender (yeah, the one they blend iPhones with). Mark had previously put LN2 in an empty blender, so we knew the blender itself could handle it. What we didn't take into account is that the escaping plume of steam would be taking ice cream with it this time. No, this was not a special effect, we actually did this, and spent the next half hour cleaning up before briefly airborne milk-based products could soak into Mark's entire apartment. (It made it into the bathroom and bedroom. His computer was right behind the camera, and the router was positively covered. So was the refrigerator behind us. The bit you can't quite hear is Fade asking "what just hit my arm?", and she was over in the living room at the time...)

In theory my OLS 2007 talk on cross compiling was recorded, but they never gave me a copy.

Note to self: dig up Linucon recordings