I have huge stacks of stuff to scan in. Boxes and boxes of it. And I can do about a page a minute for maybe 20 minutes before I need a break. (I could probably use a sheet feeder if I was willing to cut the pages out of the magazines, but I'm not. And a lot of pages need hand-tweaking of color settings and jpeg compression levels to be readable anyway.) So expect more stuff to show up here over time.

When I'm not scanning, I need to go through and write up notes from all this. This is primary source material, and it desperately needs annotation, summarizing, retrospective extrapolation, etc.

Yeah, I should OCR most of this. If anybody wants to, I'll be happy to put the .txt files up. Thumbnails would be a good idea too. (The new version of Konqueror creates nice ones looking at a directory, but does not suggest an obvious way to export them...)

(Update: Obviously I figured out how to do thumbnails. Go into ~/.kde/share/thumbnails, rm -r *, view the page you want so it creates the thumbnails, and then cd tab-tab-tab-tab (tab completion drilling down to the appropriate directory) and tar up the thumbnails, which have the same name as the original files. Then I made a dumb little python script to create indexes for me. I wouldn't exactly call it elegant, but it saves me a lot of time...)

Issues of Compute! magazine:

June 1985 issue of Compute!
March 1986 issue of Compute!

Issues of the Independent Commodore Product Users Group newsletter (from the UK). I have the whole of 1986, covering the introduction of the Amiga and the commodore 128, the peak through middle age of the C64, and the decline of the Vic 20 and PET:

January/February 1986 issue of ICPUG
March/April 1986 issue of ICPUG. I had bookmarks on pages 100 and 113, I should go back and figure out why...
May/June 1986 issue of ICPUG, largely dealing with the introduction of the amiga.
July/August 1986 issue of ICPUG
September/October 1986 issue of ICPUG
November/December 1986 issue of ICPUG

In 1983, Marvel comics did a short-lived comic book magazine called "BLIP, The Video Games Magazine". They caught the "great video game crash" in the teeth, and I don't think Blip lasted a full year. I found a few issues for 25 cents each in the back of a rummage store. I have now scanned in all the ones I have, and here they are:

February 1983 issue of BLIP - very first issue.
April 1983 issue of BLIP
May 1983 issue of BLIP
June 1983 issue of BLIP

July 1980 issue of Practical Electronics - The cover story on the Sinclair ZX80 starts on page 22 (see also the ad for it on pages 78-79).
Flyer for Mid Atlantic Region Commodore Association 1984 computer fair in Hershey, PA. (My first computer fair, I've had this flyer in a box for years and years...)