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EC-1 Educational Analog Computer

The Heathkit model EC-1 Educational Analog Computer puts advanced engineering techniques within the reach of everyone and still remains the lowest cost analog computer of its quality on the market today. Used widely in industry and in educational institutions, the Heathkit EC-1 is capable of solving a multitude of complex mechanical and mathematical problems with swift electronic accuracy. Many industrial concerns are using this versatile computer to train computer operators and engineers in setting up computer problems. Schools and colleges find the EC-1 ideal for teaching engineering, physics and mathematics. In addition to the basic principles of analog computer application which can easily be obtained from using the instrument, computer design knowledge is also enhanced by familiarity with the EC-1 circuitry.

The Heathkit Educational Analog Computer is completely self-contained and contains nine DC operational amplifiers with provision for balancing without removing problem setup. It also features three initial condition power supplies, five coefficient potentiometers, four sets of relay contacts, an electronically regulated power supply and a built-in repetitive oscillator for automatic operation. The complete EC-1 kit also contains an assortment of precision resistors, capacitors, special silicon diodes and patch cords for setting up scores of complex computer problems easily and accurately.

All components of the EC-1 coputer are mounted on plugs for convenient and rapid insertion in problem-board sockets. All markings and symbols are standard computer type. Replacement or additional parts are easily obtainable through out the nation. The problem results are read directly from the meter supplied with the kit, and provision is also made for measuring results with an external read-out device such as the Heathkit DC oscilloscopes--IO-10, OR-1, or OP-1.

The Heathkit EC-1 Educational Analog Computer Kit is ideally suited for assembly by students and newcomers to the world of computers. The chassis layout is clean and wide open allowing the beginner to constuct the instrument in a short time following the famous Heathkit "check-by-step" instructions and clearly illustrated diagrams. An informative manual is also provided with the kit, which illustrates operating procedures and basic computer information as well as showing how to set up and solve typical problems.

This economical computer is housed in a handsome steel case with convenient access hatch. The housing measires 19¾" W x 11½" H x 15" D. The specially designed, heavy-duty chassis and ruggedly-braced front panel permit firm mounting of the EC-1 on a standard relay rack if desired.

The money-saving price of the Heathkit EC-1 coupled with its obvious quality and versatility make it one of the greatest buys ever offeref by the Heath Company. In this day of increasing use of analog computers, the EC-1 can be your first step in obtaining a practical, working knowledge of this fascinating field.

SPECIFICATIONS--Amplifiers: Open loop gain approximately 1000. Output -60 +60 volts at .7 ma. Power supplies: ± 300 volts at 25 ma electronically regulated; variable from +250 to +350 by control with meter reference for setting +300 volts. Negative 150 volts at 40 ma. regulated by VR tube. Repetitive operation: Multivibrator cycles a relay at adjustable rates (.1 to 15 cps), to repeat the solution any number of times; permits observation of effect on solution of changing parameters. Meter: 50-0-50 ua movement. Power requirements: 105-125 volts, 50/60 cycles. 100 watts. Shipping Weight: 43 lbs.

Year introduced: 1960

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