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Posted by creamhackered on 13 March 2003 (247171 views) Rating: 3

Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1, released April 6th 1992.

Windows 3.1 was followed shortly by Windows for workgroups 3.1 on October 27th 1992. The variety of true type fonts supported by Windows 3.1x made it ready for more complex word processing tasks. Multimedia features in this version of Windows, such as built-in audio device support, video file playback support and even the color screen savers made it a big success. Thousands of third-party Windows Compatible software made Microsoft Windows 3.x a very successful platform and helped Microsoft to increase the sales of Windows 3.x, which reached 10 million in the world.

Windows 3.1 lacked of built-in network support. The MS-DOS based network eats up more basic 640K of memory. So Microsoft released Windows for Workgroups 3.xx with built-in network support.

Windows 3.2

This version is a Chinese translation of Windows 3.1 and, except for what appears to be some font related changes, includes only what Windows 3.1 has. Still, it is somewhat interesting and deserves some attention.

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Windows for Workgroups 3.11

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