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Posted by creamhackered on 13 March 2003 (247171 views) Rating: 3

Windows 2.0

Windows 2.0, released April 2nd 1987.

Windows 2.0 came with almost the same applications as Windows 1.0 but contained a lot of improvements in its management. Microsoft took advantage of the improved processing speed of the Intel 286 processor, expanded memory, and inter-application communication capabilities using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). Windows 2.0 featured support for the VGA graphics standard and users could resize and move windows freely to any place in the screen. Windows can overlap any part of other windows and users can use keyboard combinations to move rapidly through Windows operations.

Windows version 2.0 with support of 386 enhanced mode (which was called Windows 2.0/386 later) was released later that year. The only difference between Windows 2.0/286 and Windows 2.0/386 is the 386 enhanced mode let the system run multiple MS-DOS applications simultaneously in extended memory, which breaks the limit of 640K base memory.

Windows 2.0 was not widely successful for the hardware and software limitations (like Windows 1.x). However many developers started writing their first Windows based applications for Windows 2.x and the 386 enhanced mode made a big successful step in the history of Windows.

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