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Posted by creamhackered on 14 March 2003 (103757 views) Rating: 4

Windows Millennium Edition (ME)

Windows Millennium Edition (ME), released September 14th 2000.

An optional and fairly outdated upgrade to Windows 98, Windows ME was targetted at home users that were still running Windows 98 at the time. ME added features like new high-color system icons, more games and a new media player with support of more file types and changeable skins. It was dubbed one of the worst Operating Systems made by Microsoft by many advanced users. ME was essentially an unnecessary upgrade due to the prior release of Windows 2000 earlier in the year, which was an example of a more functional, stable and generally better Operating System. Despite this, OEMs still shipped Windows Millennium Edition with their PCs and it gained cult status among the 'n00bs'

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