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ArticlesDecember 1996 / Cover Story

December 1996 / Cover Story

article How Microchips Shook the World
screen Just Buzz-ing Along in 3-D
Ten reasons why microprocessors define the twentieth century more than any other achievement.
- by Peter Wayner

article Birth of a Chip
table 4004 vs. Pentium Pro
sidebar Progress and Pitfalls
table Progress and Pitfalls
sidebar Microprocessing's Edsel
table Ahead of Its Time
sidebar How to Turbocharge Chips
table The World According to Moore
In only 25 years, the microprocessor has become the life-support system of the modern world.
- by Linley Gwennap

article Eight Ways to the Future
sidebar The Future of Microcomputing
table The Future of Microcomputing
Technology leaders agree: Change is the only sure thing about computing in the next decade.
- by Robert L. Hummel

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