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Typo: fdisk != fsck.
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 <p>A lot of new commands in toys/pending, to the point the next release should
 probably just focus on cleanup and review of this backlog. We've got klogd,
 dhcp, dhcpd, watch, route, and ps from
-Ashwini Sharma (and an fdisk wrapper but no fdisk.fstype engines yet),
+Ashwini Sharma (and an fsck wrapper but no fsck.fstype engines yet),
 syslogd, pgrep, and pkill from Madhur Verma, netstat by Ranjan Kumar,
 test by Felix Janda, lspci by Isaac Dunham, nl, su, and renice by strake (I.E.
 M. Farkas-Dyck), and sysvinit by Kyungwan Han.</p>