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Announce bugfix release.
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+<p><b>April 17, 2009</b> - Another bugfix release,
+<a href=downloads/toybox-</a>, off by one allocation error in patch.</p>
+<p>(Darn fiddly command, innit?)</p>
 <p><b>March 29, 2009</b> - Released
 <a href=downloads/toybox-</a>toybox</a> which is a bugfix
 release for issues with the patch command.</p>
-<p>The project is currently on whole while the developers learn Lua and
+<p>The project is currently on hold while the developers learn Lua and
 decide whether or not to port the whole thing to that language.
 (Also note: the mailing list moved.  See the links on the left.  You'll
 have to resubscribe.)</p>