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 <li><a href=>Why not "bool"?</a> (explanation from Linus Torvalds)</li>
 <li><a href=>Why not to check in debug code.</a></li>
 <li><a href=>Relationship between /proc and /sys</a> (/proc isn't obsolete and /sys is an ABI)</li>
+<li>"Hiding numbers that are used just once into defines to put them out of
+sight does not really help readability."</a> -
+<a href=>Pavel
@@ -113,9 +117,9 @@
 <li>commit: <a href=/hg/toybox/rev/833>833</a>,
 description: preparatory adjustments to test suite.</li>
 <li>commit: <a href=/hg/toybox/rev/835>835</a>,
-description: todo</a></li>
+description: <a href=>Redo command line parsing, redo parsing loop.</a></li>
 <li>commit: <a href=/hg/toybox/rev/838>838</a>,
-description: todo</a></li>
+description: <a href=>Redo b64_1byte, b64_4bytes, and uu_line()</a></li>
 <li>commit: <a href=/hg/toybox/rev/839>839</a>,
 description: todo</a></li>
 <li>commit: <a href=/hg/toybox/rev/840>840</a>,