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 <a href=/code/firmware>Firmware Linux</a> project is trying to get a complete
 Linux system to rebuild itself from source code using toybox.</p>
-<p>Toybox is <a href=license.html>Licensed under GPL version 2</a>.</p>
+<p>Toybox is <a href=license.html>released under a simple 2-clause BSD-style
 <p>Toybox can be built as a single "swiss army knife" executable (ala BusyBox
 or Red Hat's Nash), or each command can be built as a traditional independent
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 <b><h2><a name="status" />What commands are implemented?</h2></b>
 <p>The current list of commands implemented by toybox is at the top of the
-<a href=news.html>news page</a></p>.  That list is updated when new commands
+<a href=news.html>news page</a>.  That list is updated when new commands
 go in.</p>
 <p>In general, configuring toybox for "defconfig" enables all the commands