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On further analysis, none of the glibc commands are interesting.
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 <p>Of those, musl libc only implements ldd.</p>
 <p>catchsegv is a rudimentary debugger, probably out of scope for toybox.</p>
 <p>iconv has been <a href="#susv4">previously discussed</a>.</p>
 <p>iconvconfig is only relevant if iconv is user-configurable; musl uses a
 non-configurable iconv.</p>
 <p>getconf is a posix utility which displays several variables from 
 unistd.h; it probably belongs in the development toolchain.</p>
-<p>getent handles retrieving entries from passwd-style databases, 
-in a rather lame way.</p>
+<p>getent handles retrieving entries from passwd-style databases
+(in a rather lame way) and is trivially replacable by grep.</p>
 <p>locale was discussed under <a href=#susv4>posix</a>.
 localedef compiles locale definitions, which musl currently does not use.</p>
 <p>mtrace is a perl script to use the malloc debugging that glibc has built-in;
 this is not relevant for musl, and would necessarily vary with libc. </p>
 <p>nscd is a name service caching daemon, which is not yet relevant for musl.
 rpcinfo and rpcent are related to rpc, which musl does not include.</p>
+<p>The remaining commands involve glibc's bundled timezone database,
+which seems to be derived from the <a href=>IANA
+timezone database</a>. Unless we want to maintain our own fork of the
+standards body's database like glibc does, these are of no interest,
+but for completeness:</p>
 <p>tzselect outputs a TZ variable correponding to user input. 
 The documentation does not indicate how to use it in a script, but it seems
 that Debian may have done so.
 zdump prints current time in each of several timezones, optionally
 outputting a great deal of extra information about each timezone.
-zic converts a description of a timezone to a file in the tz format.</p>
-<p>So this leaves the following interesting commands:</p>
+zic converts a description of a timezone to a file in tz format.</p>
-<span id=glibc_cmd>
-tzselect zdump zic
+<p>None of glibc's bundled commands are currently of interest to toybox.</p>
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