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 <p>It's <a href=toycans-big.jpg>carefully stacked soda cans</a>.  Specifically,
 it's a bunch of the original "Coke Zero" and "Pepsi One" cans, circa 2006,
-stacked to spell out the binary values of the ascii string "Toybox" (with
-null terminator at the bottom).</p>
+stacked to spell out the binary values of the ascii string "Toybox", with
+null terminator at the bottom.  (The big picture's on it's side because
+the camera was held sideways to get a better shot.)</p>
+<p>No, it's not photoshopped, I actually had these cans until a coworker
+who Totally Did Not Get It <sup><font size=-3><a href=>tm</a></font></sup> threw them out one day after I'd gone home,
+thinking they were recycling.  (I still have two of each kind, but
+Pepsi One seems discontinued and Coke Zero switched its can color
+from black to grey, presumably in celebration.  It was fun while it lasted...)</p>
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