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 All the files in this directory except this README are generated by the
-build.  Some of them may require python on the host system, and are thus
-shipped in the build tarball so python isn't a build requirement.
+build.  (See scripts/
+config.h: CFG_COMMAND and USE_COMMAND() macros set by menuconfig via .config.
+ Kconfig entries for each command.  Included by top level
+           The help text in here is used to generated help.h
+help.h: Help text strings for use by "help" command.  Building this file
+        requires python on the host system, so the prebuilt file is shipped
+        in the build tarball to avoid requiring python to build toybox.
+newtoys.h: List of NEWTOY() or OLDTOY() macros for all available commands.
+           Associates command_main() functions with command names, provides
+           option string for command line parsing (see lib/args.c), specifies
+           where to install each command and whether toysh should fork before
+           calling it.