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Basic update of the roadmap and status pages. (Both need a good scrub and polish beyond this.)
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 This means that toysh needs to supply several bash extensions _and_ work
 when called under the name "bash".</p>
+<p>The <a href=>Aboriginal Linux</a>
+self-bootstrapping build still uses the following busybox commands,
+not yet supplied by toybox:</p.
+ash awk bunzip2 bzip2 dd diff expr fdisk ftpd ftpget ftpput gunzip
+gzip less man pgrep ping pkill ps route sed sh sha512sum tar test tr unxz vi
+wget xzcat zcat</p></blockquote>
+<p>Many of those are in "pending". Most of the archive commands are needed
+because busybox tar doesn't call external versions. The remaining "difficult"
+commands are vi, awk, and ash.</p>
 <hr />
 <h2><a name=android /><a href="#android">Use case: Replacing Android Toolbox</a></h2>
@@ -715,7 +728,8 @@
 <hr />
-<p>The following additional commands have been requested by various users:</p>
+<p>The following additional commands have been requested (and often submitted)
+by various users:</p>
 <span id=request>
 dig freeramdisk getty halt hexdump hwclock klogd modprobe ping ping6 pivot_root
@@ -727,6 +741,12 @@
 mkswap swapon swapoff
 count oneit fstype
 acpi blkid eject pwdx
+sulogin rfkill bootchartd
+arp makedevs sysctl killall5 crond crontab deluser last mkpasswd watch
+ipaddr iplink iproute blockdev rpm2cpio arping brctl dumpleases fsck
+tcpsvd tftpd
+factor fallocate fsfreeze inotifyd lspci nbd-client partprobe strings
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 tee time timeout true truncate tty uniq unix2dos
 unlink usleep uudecode uuencode wc which whoami yes
 acpi blkid eject nl pwdx reboot su umount fstype halt poweroff
+blockdev chattr cpio factor fallocate find freeramdisk fsfreeze inotifyd
+install killall5 lsattr lspci makedevs mkpasswd mount nbd-client partprobe
+rfkill strings sysctl