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I got the mercurial web browser thingy set up, note it on the web page.
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date Sat, 25 Nov 2006 02:11:10 -0500
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 <p>Warning: lots of this page is about what I plan to do, not what I've
 already done.  See <a href="#status>status</a> or <a href="/notes.html>my
-development blog</a>.</p>
+development blog</a>, or <a href="/hg/toybox">browse the mercurial
 <h2><a name="what" />What is ToyBox?</h2>
@@ -78,11 +79,14 @@
 <b><h2><a name="download" />Download</h2></b>
 <p>This project is maintained as a mercurial archive.  To get a copy of the
-current development version, "hg clone static-",
-or check <a href=download>the download directory</a> for release tarballs.
+current development version, either use mercurial (hg clone
+ or click on one of the zip/gz/bz2 links
+at the top of the <a href=/hg/toybox>mercurial archive browser</a> page to get
+an archive of the appropriate version.  Click
+<a href="/hg/toybox?cmd=tags">tags</a> to the tagged release versions ("tip"
+is the current development version).</p>
 <p>My <a href=/notes.html>development log</a> is currently the best way to
 track what's going on with this project.  When I get this moved to my new
-server, I need to put up a mailing list and repository browser, make this a
-real web page, add as a virtual domain...</p>
+server, I need to put up a mailing list and add as a
+virtual domain.</p>