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Update web page to mention 0.0.3 release.
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+<p><b>June 18, 2007</b> - Put out
+<a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.3.tar.bz2>toybox-0.0.3.tar.bz2</a> since it's
+been too long since I did something like that.  This one implements
+catv, count, df, echo, false, oneit, pwd, sleep, sync, toysh, true, which,
+and yes (which is what "make defconfig" enables).  There are several other
+commands not enabled by defconfig, because they don't really work yet.</p>
+<p>Most of the general infrastructure's there now, although lots of tweaking
+and optimizing is still needed.  The test suite is skeletal and not entirely
+checked in yet, but I'm working on that.</p>
+<p>I don't have nearly as much time to work on this as I'd like, but I'm making
+a little progress.</p>
 <p>Jan 31: Screwing up the web page a bit, adding an index bar along the side
 which doesn't properly connect up to anything yet.  (Busy implementing
 mke2fs and gene2fs.)</p>