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Update help text a bit.
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date Sat, 05 Jan 2008 16:40:40 -0600
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--- a/toys/	Sat Jan 05 15:20:26 2008 -0600
+++ b/toys/	Sat Jan 05 16:40:40 2008 -0600
@@ -312,7 +312,8 @@
 	  usage: readlink [-f]
-	  -f	Show final location, including normal files and multiple symlinks.
+	  -f	Show full cannonical path, with no symlinks in it.  Returns
+		nonzero if nothing could currently exist at this location.
 config SHA1SUM
 	bool "sha1sum"
@@ -342,15 +343,16 @@
 	bool "touch"
 	default y
-	  usage: touch [-acmrtl] FILE...
+	  usage: touch [-acm] [-r FILE] [-t MMDDhhmm] [-l bytes] FILE...
 	  Change file timestamps, ensure file existance and change file length.
 	  -a	Only change the access time.
 	  -c	Do not create the file if it doesn't exist.
+	  -l	Length to truncate (or sparsely extend) file to.
 	  -m	Only change the modification time.
 	  -r	Reference file to take timestamps from.
-	  -t	Time to change {a,m}time to, in the format MMDDhhmm.
+	  -t	Time to change {a,m}time to.
 config TOYSH
 	bool "sh (toysh)"