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More work on the cleanup page, partway through describing ifconfig.
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date Wed, 01 Jan 2014 15:00:44 -0600
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/* mknod.c - make block or character special file
 * Copyright 2012 Elie De Brauwer <>


config MKNOD
  bool "mknod"
  default y
    usage: mknod NAME TYPE [MAJOR MINOR]

    Create a special file NAME with a given type, possible types are
    b	block device
    c or u	character device
    p	named pipe (ignores MAJOR/MINOR)

#define FOR_mknod
#include "toys.h"

void mknod_main(void)
  mode_t modes[] = {S_IFIFO, S_IFCHR, S_IFCHR, S_IFBLK};
  int major=0, minor=0, type;
  int mode = 0660;

  type = stridx("pcub", *toys.optargs[1]);
  if (type == -1) perror_exit("bad type '%c'", *toys.optargs[1]);
  if (type) {
    if (toys.optc != 4) perror_exit("need major/minor");

    major = atoi(toys.optargs[2]);
    minor = atoi(toys.optargs[3]);

  if (mknod(toys.optargs[0], mode | modes[type], makedev(major, minor)))
    perror_exit("mknod %s failed", toys.optargs[0]);