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Fix yet another sed bug. The s/// command would copy the \ of substitutions before deciding what to do with them (generally overwriting the \ with the new data). When the substitution was A) at the very end of the new string, B) resolved to nothing, it could leave a trailing \ that didn't belong there and didn't get overwritten because the "copy trailing data" part that copies the original string's null terminator already happened before the \ overwrote it. The ghostwheel() function restarts regexes after embedded NUL bytes, but if the string it's passed is _longer_ than the length it's told then it gets confused (and it means we're off the end of our allocation so segfaults are likely). Fix: test for \ first and move the "copy byte" logic into an else case.
author Rob Landley <>
date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 03:34:55 -0600
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/* Wrapper to make installation easier with cross-compiling.
 * Copyright 2006 Rob Landley <>

#include "toys.h"

#undef NEWTOY
#undef OLDTOY
#define NEWTOY(name, opts, flags) {#name, 0, opts, flags},
#define OLDTOY(name, oldname, opts, flags) {#name, 0, opts, flags},

// Populate toy_list[].

struct toy_list toy_list[] = {
#include "generated/newtoys.h"

#define TOY_LIST_LEN (sizeof(toy_list)/sizeof(struct toy_list))

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  static char *toy_paths[]={"usr/","bin/","sbin/",0};
  int i, len = 0;

  // Output list of applets.
  for (i=1; i<TOY_LIST_LEN; i++) {
    int fl = toy_list[i].flags;
    if (fl & TOYMASK_LOCATION) {
      if (argc>1) {
        int j;
        for (j=0; toy_paths[j]; j++)
          if (fl & (1<<j)) len += printf("%s", toy_paths[j]);
      len += printf("%s\n",toy_list[i].name);
  return 0;