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Zap toylist.h, moving contents of global structures into DEFINE_GLOBALS() macros in each C file, and making generated/globals.h from that. Rename "toy" to "this" along the way to avoid toy/toys confusion.
author Rob Landley <>
date Sun, 20 Jan 2008 17:25:44 -0600
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# Makefile for toybox.
# Copyright 2006 Rob Landley <>

all: toybox

toybox toybox_unstripped:

.PHONY: clean distclean baseline bloatcheck install_flat test tests help \
	toybox toybox_unstripped

include kconfig/Makefile

$(KCONFIG_TOP): generated/


# Development targets
baseline: toybox_unstripped
	@cp toybox_unstripped toybox_old

bloatcheck: toybox_old toybox_unstripped
	@scripts/bloat-o-meter toybox_old toybox_unstripped

instlist: toybox
	$(HOSTCC) $(CCFLAGS) -I . scripts/install.c -o instlist

install_flat: instlist
	@mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/
	@cp toybox $(PREFIX)/
	@for i in `./instlist`; do ln -s toybox "$(PREFIX)/$$i"; done

	rm -f toybox toybox_unstripped generated/config.h generated/ \
		generated/newtoys.h generated/globals.h instlist

distclean: clean
	rm -f toybox_old .config* generated/help.h

test: tests


	@echo  '  toybox          - Build toybox.'
	@echo  '  baseline        - Create busybox_old for use by bloatcheck.'
	@echo  '  bloatcheck      - Report size differences between old and current versions'
	@echo  '  test            - Run test suite against compiled commands.'
	@echo  '  clean           - Delete temporary files.'
	@echo  '  distclean       - Delete everything that isn't shipped.'
	@echo  '  install_flat    - Install toybox into $PREFIX directory.'