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author Rob Landley <>
date Tue, 13 Nov 2012 17:14:08 -0600
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/* cat.c - copy inputs to stdout.
 * Copyright 2006 Rob Landley <>
 * See


config CAT
  bool "cat"
  default y
    usage: cat [-u] [file...]
    Copy (concatenate) files to stdout.  If no files listed, copy from stdin.
    Filename "-" is a synonym for stdin.

    -u	Copy one byte at a time (slow).

#include "toys.h"

static void do_cat(int fd, char *name)
  int len, size=toys.optflags ? 1 : sizeof(toybuf);

  for (;;) {
    len = read(fd, toybuf, size);
    if (len<0) {
      toys.exitval = EXIT_FAILURE;
    if (len<1) break;
    xwrite(1, toybuf, len);

void cat_main(void)
  loopfiles(toys.optargs, do_cat);