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To ensure that toybox can be installed alongside busybox without confusing update-alternatives, the paths of the links installed by toybox should match those installed by busybox. This is accomplished by changing the flags of a few tools within toybox.
author Paul Barker <>
date Sat, 04 Apr 2015 11:58:06 -0500
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/* who.c - display who is on the system
 * Copyright 2012 ProFUSION Embedded Systems
 * by Luis Felipe Strano Moraes <>
 * See
 * Posix says to support many options (-abdHlmpqrstTu) but this
 * isn't aimed at minicomputers with modem pools.


config WHO
  bool "who"
  default y
  depends on TOYBOX_UTMPX
    usage: who

    Print logged user information on system

#define FOR_who
#include "toys.h"

void who_main(void)
  struct utmpx *entry;


  while ((entry = getutxent())) {
    if ((toys.optflags & FLAG_a) || entry->ut_type == USER_PROCESS) {
      time_t time;
      int time_size;
      char *times;

      time = entry->ut_tv.tv_sec;
      times = ctime(&time);
      time_size = strlen(times) - 2;
      printf("%s\t%s\t%*.*s\t(%s)\n", entry->ut_user, entry->ut_line,
        time_size, time_size, ctime(&time), entry->ut_host);