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Create a generated/ with a single compiler command line to rebuild the toybox_unstripped binary using the existing generated/*.h files. This way we can snapshot the generated/*.{h,sh} from a defconfig build into a "shipped" directory or something, and then people can maybe build on crazy crippled environments like pcbsd that haven't got gmake and put bash under /usr/local so none of the #!/scripts can find it. This solves at least part of the "toybox can build with itself but you need to build toybox first to have the tools to run the build scripts" problem. Next up: work out the minimal config to provide the build tools needed to run an actual build. (This should, eventually, include a "make" command if freebsd's kernel is going to refuse to build with netbsd's "make" and we don't just write off the whole thing as crazy. But it probably shouldn't include commands that #include <linux/*.h> if we are trying to make that work.)
author Rob Landley <>
date Thu, 11 Sep 2014 20:50:10 -0500
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# Grab default values for $CFLAGS and such.

export LANG=c
export LC_ALL=C
set -o pipefail
source ./configure

[ -z "$KCONFIG_CONFIG" ] && KCONFIG_CONFIG=".config"

[ -z "$CPUS" ] && CPUS=$(($(echo /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0-9]* | wc -w)+1))

# Respond to V= by echoing command lines as well as running them
  [ ! -z "$V" ] && echo "$@"

echo "Make generated/config.h from $KCONFIG_CONFIG."

# This long and roundabout sed invocation is to make old versions of sed happy.
# New ones have '\n' so can replace one line with two without all the branches
# and tedious mucking about with hold space.

sed -n \
  -e 's/^# CONFIG_\(.*\) is not set.*/\1/' \
  -e 't notset' \
  -e 's/^CONFIG_\(.*\)=y.*/\1/' \
  -e 't isset' \
  -e 's/^CONFIG_\([^=]*\)=\(.*\)/#define CFG_\1 \2/p' \
  -e 'd' \
  -e ':notset' \
  -e 'h' \
  -e 's/.*/#define CFG_& 0/p' \
  -e 'g' \
  -e 's/.*/#define USE_&(...)/p' \
  -e 'd' \
  -e ':isset' \
  -e 'h' \
  -e 's/.*/#define CFG_& 1/p' \
  -e 'g' \
  -e 's/.*/#define USE_&(...) __VA_ARGS__/p' \
  $KCONFIG_CONFIG > generated/config.h || exit 1

echo "Extract configuration information from toys/*.c files..."

echo "Generate headers from toys/*/*.c..."

# Create a list of all the commands toybox can provide. Note that the first
# entry is out of order on purpose (the toybox multiplexer command must be the
# first element of the array). The rest must be sorted in alphabetical order
# for fast binary search.

echo -n "generated/newtoys.h "

echo "USE_TOYBOX(NEWTOY(toybox, NULL, TOYFLAG_STAYROOT))" > generated/newtoys.h
sed -n -e 's/^USE_[A-Z0-9_]*(/&/p' toys/*/*.c \
	| sed 's/\(.*TOY(\)\([^,]*\),\(.*\)/\2 \1\2,\3/' | sort -k 1,1 \
	| sed 's/[^ ]* //'  >> generated/newtoys.h
sed -n -e 's/.*(NEWTOY(\([^,]*\), *\(\("[^"]*"[^,]*\)*\),.*/#define OPTSTR_\1\t\2/p' \
  generated/newtoys.h > generated/oldtoys.h

do_loudly $HOSTCC scripts/mkflags.c -o generated/mkflags || exit 1

echo -n "generated/flags.h "

# Process config.h and newtoys.h to generate FLAG_x macros. Note we must
# always #define the relevant macro, even when it's disabled, because we
# allow multiple NEWTOY() in the same C file. (When disabled the FLAG is 0,
# so flags&0 becomes a constant 0 allowing dead code elimination.)

# Parse files through C preprocessor twice, once to get flags for current
# .config and once to get flags for allyesconfig
for I in A B
  # define macros and select header files with option string data

  echo "#define NEWTOY(aa,bb,cc) aa $I bb"
  echo '#define OLDTOY(...)'
  if [ "$I" == A ]
    cat generated/config.h
    sed '/USE_.*([^)]*)$/s/$/ __VA_ARGS__/' generated/config.h
  cat generated/newtoys.h

  # Run result through preprocessor, glue together " " gaps leftover from USE
  # macros, delete comment lines, print any line with a quoted optstring,
  # turn any non-quoted opstring (NULL or 0) into " " (because fscanf can't
  # handle "" with nothing in it, and mkflags uses that).

  ) | ${CROSS_COMPILE}${CC} -E - | \
    sed -n -e 's/" *"//g;/^#/d;t clear;:clear;s/"/"/p;t;s/\( [AB] \).*/\1 " "/p'

# Sort resulting line pairs and glue them together into triplets of
#   command "flags" "allflags"
# to feed into mkflags C program that outputs actual flag macros
# If no pair (because command's disabled in config), use " " for flags
# so allflags can define the appropriate zero macros.

done | sort | sed -n 's/ A / /;t pair;h;s/\([^ ]*\).*/\1 " "/;x;b single;:pair;h;n;:single;s/[^ ]* B //;H;g;s/\n/ /;p' |\
generated/mkflags > generated/flags.h || exit 1

# Extract global structure definitions and flag definitions from toys/*/*.c

function getglobals()
  for i in toys/*/*.c
    NAME="$(echo $i | sed 's@.*/\(.*\)\.c@\1@')"
    DATA="$(sed -n -e '/^GLOBALS(/,/^)/b got;b;:got' \
            -e 's/^GLOBALS(/struct '"$NAME"'_data {/' \
            -e 's/^)/};/' -e 'p' $i)"

    [ ! -z "$DATA" ] && echo -e "// $i\n\n$DATA\n"

echo -n "generated/globals.h "

  echo "$GLOBSTRUCT"
  echo "extern union global_union {"
  echo "$GLOBSTRUCT" | sed -n 's/struct \(.*\)_data {/	struct \1_data \1;/p'
  echo "} this;"
) > generated/globals.h

echo "generated/help.h"
do_loudly $HOSTCC scripts/config2help.c -I . lib/xwrap.c lib/llist.c lib/lib.c \
  -o generated/config2help && \
generated/config2help $KCONFIG_CONFIG > generated/help.h || exit 1

echo "Library probe..."

# We trust --as-needed to remove each library if we don't use any symbols
# out of it, this loop is because the compiler has no way to ignore a library
# that doesn't exist, so we have to detect and skip nonexistent libraries
# for it.

> generated/optlibs.dat
for i in util crypt m resolv
  echo "int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {return 0;}" | \
  ${CROSS_COMPILE}${CC} $CFLAGS -xc - -o /dev/null -Wl,--as-needed -l$i > /dev/null 2>/dev/null &&
  echo -l$i >> generated/optlibs.dat

echo -n "Compile toybox"
[ ! -z "$V" ] && echo

# Extract a list of toys/*/*.c files to compile from the data in $KCONFIG_CONFIG

TOYFILES="$(egrep -l "TOY[(]($(sed -n 's/^CONFIG_\([^=]*\)=.*/\1/p' "$KCONFIG_CONFIG" | xargs | tr ' [A-Z]' '|[a-z]'))[ ,]" toys/*/*.c)"

  [ ! -z "$V" ] && echo "$@" || echo -n .

FILES="$(echo lib/*.c main.c $TOYFILES)"
LINK="$(echo $LDOPTIMIZE -o toybox_unstripped -Wl,--as-needed $(cat generated/optlibs.dat))"

# This is a parallel version of: do_loudly $BUILD $FILES $LINK || exit 1

# Write a canned build line for use on crippled build machines.
  echo "#!/bin/sh"
  echo "BUILD=\"$BUILD\""
  echo "LINK=\"$LINK\""
  echo "FILES=\"$FILES\""
  echo '$BUILD $FILES $LINK'
) > generated/ && chmod +x generated/ || echo 1

rm -rf generated/obj && mkdir -p generated/obj || exit 1
for i in $FILES
  # build each generated/obj/*.o file in parallel

  do_loudly $BUILD -c $i -o generated/obj/${X%%.c}.o &

  # ratelimit to $CPUS many parallel jobs, detecting errors

  while true
    PENDING="$(echo $PENDING $(jobs -rp) | tr ' ' '\n' | sort -u)"
    [ $(echo -n "$PENDING" | wc -l) -lt "$CPUS" ] && break;

    wait $(echo "$PENDING" | head -n 1) || exit 1
    PENDING="$(echo "$PENDING" | tail -n +2)"

# wait for all background jobs, detecting errors

for i in $PENDING
  wait $i || exit 1

do_loudly $BUILD generated/obj/*.o $LINK || exit 1
do_loudly ${CROSS_COMPILE}${STRIP} toybox_unstripped -o toybox || exit 1
# gcc 4.4's strip command is buggy, and doesn't set the executable bit on
# its output the way SUSv4 suggests it do so.
do_loudly chmod +x toybox || exit 1