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<title>Toybox Status</title>

<h1>How are we doing on implementing stuff so far?</h1>

<p>Legend: {android} [posix] (development) &lt;lsb&gt; other <strike>implemented</strike></p>

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<h1>The current status of toybox (as of 0.4.0 release):</h1>

<h3><u>These commands are reasonably finished</u>:</h3>
<span id=ready>
basename cal cat catv chgrp chmod chown chroot chvt cksum clear cmp comm count
df dirname dmesg dos2unix echo env false killall link logname ls lsmod mkdir
mkfifo mkswap mktemp mountpoint nice nohup od oneit pwd realpath seq setsid
sha1sum sleep sort swapoff swapon sync tac taskset tee true truncate tty uniq
unix2dos unlink usleep vmstat wc which whoami yes

<h3><u>These commands are implemented but have pending todo items remaining:</u></h3>
<span id=pending>
bzcat bunzip2 cp date du free head help hostname id insmod kill ln login mdev
mknod modinfo mv nc netcat patch pidof printenv readlink rmdir rmmod tail uname unshare
uptime who xargs

<h3><u>Work on these is underway, but not usable yet:</u></h3>
bzip2 mke2fs more mount umount losetup sed tar sh grep/egrep/fgrep

<p>See <a href="todo.txt">the todo list</a> for details.</p>

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