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Isaac Dunham pointed out that the kernel treats - and _ as identical in module names, so modinfo should too. Made it use mmap() while I was there, and some cosmetic refactoring.
author Rob Landley <>
date Wed, 24 Apr 2013 03:04:31 -0500
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/* chroot.c - Run command in new root directory.
 * Copyright 2007 Rob Landley <>


config CHROOT
  bool "chroot"
  default y
    usage: chroot NEWPATH [commandline...]

    Run command within a new root directory. If no command, run /bin/sh.

#include "toys.h"

void chroot_main(void)
  char *binsh[] = {"/bin/sh", "-i", 0};
  if (chdir(*toys.optargs) || chroot(".")) perror_exit("%s", *toys.optargs);
  xexec(toys.optargs[1] ? toys.optargs+1 : binsh);