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Add a few more sed tests.
author Rob Landley <>
date Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:44:21 -0600
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#!/bin/echo Run scripts/

#testing "name" "command" "result" "infile" "stdin"

testing 'sed as cat' 'sed ""' "one\ntwo\nthree" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"

# Exploring the wonders of sed addressing modes
testing '' 'sed -n 1p' "one\n" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing '' 'sed 2p' "one\ntwo\ntwo\nthree" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing '' 'sed -n 2p' "two\n" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'sed -n $p' 'sed -n \$p' "three" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'sed as cat #2' "sed -n '1,\$p'" "one\ntwo\nthree" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'no input means no last line' "sed '\$a boing'" "" "" ""
testing 'sed -n $,$p' 'sed -n \$,\$p' 'three' '' 'one\ntwo\nthree'
testing '' 'sed -n 1,2p' "one\ntwo\n" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing '' 'sed -n 2,3p' "two\nthree" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing '' 'sed -n 2,1p' "two\n" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'sed $ with 2 inputs' 'sed -n \$p - input' "four\n" "four\n" \
testing '' 'sed -n /two/p' "two\n" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing '' 'sed -n 1,/two/p' 'one\ntwo\n' '' 'one\ntwo\nthree'
testing '' 'sed -n /one/,2p' 'one\ntwo\n' '' 'one\ntwo\nthree'
testing '' 'sed -n 1,/one/p' 'one\ntwo\nthree' '' 'one\ntwo\nthree'
testing '' 'sed -n /one/,1p' 'one\n' '' 'one\ntwo\nthree'
testing 'sed -n /two/,$p' 'sed -n /two/,\$p' 'two\nthree' '' 'one\ntwo\nthree'

# Fun with newlines!
testing '' 'sed -n 3p' "three" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'prodigal newline' "sed -n '1,\$p' - input" "one\ntwo\nthree\nfour\n" \
	"four\n" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'Newline only added if further output' "sed -n 3p - input" "three" \
	"four\n" "one\ntwo\nthree"

# Fun with match delimiters and escapes
testing 'sed match \t tab' "sed -n '/\t/p'" "\tx\n" "" "\tx\n"
testing 'sed match t delim disables \t tab' "sed -n '\t\txtp'" "" "" "\tx\n"
testing 'sed match t delim makes \t literal t' \
	"sed -n '\t\txtp'" "tx\n" "" "tx\n"
testing 'sed match n delim' "sed -n '\n\txnp'" "\tx\n" "" "\tx\n"
testing 'sed match n delim disables \n newline' "sed -n '\n\nxnp'" "" "" "\nx\n"
SKIP_HOST=1 testing 'sed match \n literal n' "sed -n '\n\nxnp'" "nx\n" "" "nx\n"
testing 'end match does not check starting match line' \
	"sed -n '/two/,/two/p'" "two\nthree" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'end match/start match mixing number/letter' \
	"sed -n '2,/two/p'" "two\nthree" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'sed num then regex' 'sed -n 2,/d/p' 'b\nc\nd\n' '' 'a\nb\nc\nd\ne\nf\n'
testing 'sed regex then num' 'sed -n /b/,4p' 'b\nc\nd\n' '' 'a\nb\nc\nd\ne\nf\n'
testing 'sed multiple regex address match' 'sed -n /on/,/off/p' \
	'bone\nturtle\scoff\ntron\nlurid\noffer\n'  "" \
testing 'sed regex address overlap' 'sed -n /on/,/off/p' "on\nzap\noffon\n" "" \

testing "sed aci" \
	"sed -e '3a boom' -e '/hre/i bang' -e '3a whack' -e '3c bong'" \
	"one\ntwo\nbang\nbong\nboom\nwhack\nfour\n" "" \
testing 'sed prodigaler newline' 'sed -e a\\ -e woo' 'one\nwoo\n' '' 'one'
testing 'sed newline staying away' 'sed s/o/x/' 'xne\ntwx' '' 'one\ntwo'
# Why on _earth_ is this not an error? There's a \ with no continuation!
testing 'sed what, _really_?' 'sed -e a\\ && echo yes really' \
	'one\nyes really\n' '' 'one\n'

# all the s/// test

testing 'sed \1' "sed 's/t\\(w\\)o/za\\1py/'" "one\nzawpy\nthree" "" \
testing 'sed \1 p' "sed 's/t\\(w\\)o/za\\1py/p'" "one\nzawpy\nzawpy\nthree" \
	"" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'sed \1 no newline' "sed 's/t\\(w\\)o/za\\1py/'" "one\nzawpy" "" \
testing 'sed \1 p no newline' "sed 's/t\\(w\\)o/za\\1py/p'" \
	"one\nzawpy\nzawpy" "" "one\ntwo"
testing 'sed -n s//\1/p' "sed -n 's/t\\(w\\)o/za\\1py/p'" "zawpy" "" "one\ntwo"
testing 'sed -n s//\1/p no newline' "sed -n 's/t\\(w\\)o/za\\1py/p'" "zawpy" \
	"" "one\ntwo"
testing 'sed backref error' "sed 's/w/ale \2 ha/' 2>/dev/null || echo no" \
	"no\n" "" "one\ntwo\nthree"
testing 'sed empty match after nonempty match' "sed -e 's/a*/c/g'" 'cbcncgc' \
	'' 'baaang'
testing 'sed empty match' "sed -e 's/[^ac]*/A/g'" 'AaAcA' '' 'abcde'