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Patches to commands for issues reported from static analysis tool. portability.h.patch - it is for O_CLOEXEC, as compiler complained of it. Makefile.patch - for cleaning generated/*.o files and libopts.dat file [Fixup to uniq.c from Rob.]
author Ashwini Sharma <>
date Tue, 12 Aug 2014 07:09:01 -0500
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/* getmountlist.c - Get a linked list of mount points, with stat information.
 * Copyright 2006 Rob Landley <>

#include "toys.h"
#include <mntent.h>

// Get list of mounted filesystems, including stat and statvfs info.
// Returns a reversed list, which is good for finding overmounts and such.

struct mtab_list *xgetmountlist(char *path)
  struct mtab_list *mtlist = 0, *mt;
  struct mntent *me;
  FILE *fp;
  char *p = path ? path : "/proc/mounts";

  if (!(fp = setmntent(p, "r"))) perror_exit("bad %s", p);

  // The "test" part of the loop is done before the first time through and
  // again after each "increment", so putting the actual load there avoids
  // duplicating it. If the load was NULL, the loop stops.

  while ((me = getmntent(fp))) {
    mt = xzalloc(sizeof(struct mtab_list) + strlen(me->mnt_fsname) +
      strlen(me->mnt_dir) + strlen(me->mnt_type) + strlen(me->mnt_opts) + 4);
    dlist_add_nomalloc((void *)&mtlist, (void *)mt);

    // Collect details about mounted filesystem
    // Don't report errors, just leave data zeroed
    if (!path) {
      stat(me->mnt_dir, &(mt->stat));
      statvfs(me->mnt_dir, &(mt->statvfs));

    // Remember information from /proc/mounts
    mt->dir = stpcpy(mt->type, me->mnt_type)+1;
    mt->device = stpcpy(mt->dir, me->mnt_dir)+1;
    mt->opts = stpcpy(mt->device, me->mnt_fsname)+1;
    strcpy(mt->opts, me->mnt_opts);

  return mtlist;