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3 <h2>Currently implemented commands:</h2>
4 <p>
5 basename, catv, chroot, count, df, dirname, dmesg, echo, false, hello, help,
6 mkfifo, nc, netcat, oneit, patch, pwd, sh, sha1sum, sleep, sync, touch, toysh,
7 true, tty, which, yes
8 </p>
10 <h2>News</h2>
12 <p><b>January 2, 2008</b> - And <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.4.tar.bz2>toybox-0.0.4.tar.bz2</a> is out.
13 The new applets this time around include basename, chroot, dirname, dmesg,
14 help, mkfifo, netcat, patch, sha1sum, touch, and tty.</p>
16 <p>Note that this "touch" includes -l to set the length, which can truncate
17 a file or create a commpletely sparse file, good for filesystem images.</p>
19 <p>Expect the next release in about 6 months.</p>
21 <p><b>December 12, 2007</b> - Updated the list of implemented applications,
22 put up a <a href=todo.txt>todo list</a> and <a href=code.html>infrastructure
23 documentation</a>. Expect another release towards the end of the month.</p>
25 <p><b>June 18, 2007</b> - Put out
26 <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.3.tar.bz2>toybox-0.0.3.tar.bz2</a> since it's
27 been too long since I did something like that. This one implements
28 catv, count, df, echo, false, oneit, pwd, sleep, sync, toysh, true, which,
29 and yes (which is what "make defconfig" enables). There are several other
30 commands not enabled by defconfig, because they don't really work yet.</p>
32 <p>Most of the general infrastructure's there now, although lots of tweaking
33 and optimizing is still needed. The test suite is skeletal and not entirely
34 checked in yet, but I'm working on that.</p>
36 <p>I don't have nearly as much time to work on this as I'd like, but I'm making
37 a little progress.</p>
39 <p><b>January 31, 2007</b> -
40 Toybox <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.2.tar.bz2>0.0.2 release</a>.
41 Implements count, yes, pwd, echo, bzcat, catv, oneit, and an unfinished
42 skeleton of mke2fs. Adds argument parsing logic and bunzip code to library.
43 Now configured with menuconfig. Adds "make baseline" and "make bloatcheck"
44 using Matt Mackall's bloat-o-meter, and scripts/showasm.</p>
46 <p>Screwing up the web page a bit, adding an index bar along the side
47 which doesn't properly connect up to anything yet. (Busy implementing
48 mke2fs and gene2fs.)</p>
50 <p><b>October 30, 2006</b> -
51 Toybox <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.1.tar.bz2>0.0.1 release</a>. Implements
52 df, a skeletal toysh, and some library functions. Proof of concept, really.</p>
54 <p><b>September 7, 2006</b> -
55 Project launched, first commit to mercurial archive.</p>
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