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 instead of starting a command shell. From there, the script can do anything
 it needs to.</p>
-<p>The full environment is:</p>
+<p>The full build-time environment is:</p>
 <li><p>The first disk is Aboriginal Linux's squashfs root filesystem,
@@ -81,11 +81,13 @@
 native Linux development environment built from busybox,
 uClibc, gcc, binutils, make, and bash.</p></li>
-<li><p>The second disk is a sparse 2 gigabyte ext3 filesystem created and
-attached by, which then calls  If
+<li><p>The second disk is a 2 gigabyte ext3 filesystem created in a sparse
+file on the host (so it grows up to 2 gigabytes as space is used).  It's
+attached to QEMU by, which then calls  If
 /dev/hdb (or /dev/sdb) exists, sbin/ will mount it
 on "/home" to provide writeable space for the build.  (Otherwise it
-mounts a tmpfs there.)</p>
+mounts a tmpfs there if the root filesystem is read only, and does nothing
+if the root filesystem is already writeable.)</p>
 <p>The script also sets up distcc if distccd and the
 appropriate cross compiler are in the host's $PATH.  It creates a directory