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Start by copying the existing control image building infrastructure from Aboriginal Linux, and shuffling the layout around a bit.
author Rob Landley <>
date Sun, 03 Jul 2011 17:23:26 -0500
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# Run the busybox test suite.

source sources/ || exit 1

WORK="$BUILD/control-images/busybox-test" && blank_tempdir "$WORK"

# Don't download busybox, it's got to already be there in standard sources.

setupfor busybox
cd "$TOP"

cat > "$WORK"/init << 'EOF' || dienow

echo === $HOST Run busybox test suite

cp -sfR /mnt/busybox busybox && cd busybox &&
make defconfig &&
ln -s /bin/busybox busybox &&
cd testsuite &&
./runtest &&
cd .. &&
rm -rf busybox || exit 1



chmod +x "$WORK"/init || dienow

mksquashfs "$WORK" "$WORK.hdc" -noappend -all-root