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Tue, 13 Nov 2012 13:55:10 -0600 Rob Landley Pipe stderr through maybe_quiet in for-each-target.sh.
Tue, 13 Nov 2012 11:31:08 -0600 Rob Landley Toybox 0.4.1.
Tue, 13 Nov 2012 07:27:25 -0600 Rob Landley John Spencer reported ext4 filesystem corruption, which seems to have been a problem in the kernel since 3.6.3. Backporting a few patches to try to address it.
Sat, 10 Nov 2012 01:05:14 -0600 Rob Landley Apparently the gdb build needs this...
Sat, 10 Nov 2012 00:53:56 -0600 Rob Landley Another uClibc dependency glitch: with "make -j 1 install" sysnum.h isn't built until after the headers are installed, but with -j 3 it is.
Thu, 01 Nov 2012 23:35:09 -0500 Rob Landley Add ability to check out repositories in packages, IGNORE_REPOS to build from tarballs anyway, a FAQ entry on it, and more/repo.sh to set up/update some of the common ones.
Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:55:35 -0500 Rob Landley Remove USE_ALT option, I have a better idea (upcoming patch).
Tue, 09 Oct 2012 00:05:38 -0500 Rob Landley The uClibc build has race conditions when run in parallel, add extra constraint to calm it down.
Fri, 05 Oct 2012 21:32:24 -0500 Rob Landley Tweak chroot-splice a bit more: back to hardlinks, plus read only bind mounts.
Fri, 05 Oct 2012 21:19:22 -0500 Rob Landley Add CONFIG_UNXZ because strace (in static-tools control image) is now only available as a tar.xz file.
Fri, 05 Oct 2012 21:18:45 -0500 Rob Landley The zlib guys delete old archives off the server when the update. If you were wondering why download.sh has a fallback mirror...
Fri, 05 Oct 2012 21:03:33 -0500 Rob Landley The 3.6 kernel works with the same set of patches as 3.5. This may be a first.
Fri, 28 Sep 2012 22:17:13 -0500 Rob Landley Respin binutils tarball (don't tar up already patched package cache directory with sha1-for-source.txt file and patches applied; oops).
Tue, 25 Sep 2012 19:42:33 -0500 Rob Landley Upgrade binutils to the last GPLv2 commit in the .git repository (397a64b3, right before they poisoned gas). This includes the -Bsymbolic-functions thing musl needs (and oddly enough the first drop of armv7l support).
Thu, 06 Sep 2012 05:11:25 -0500 Rob Landley Make busybox build by default, switch override knob to BUSYBOX=1 to use defconfig busybox, always use toybox for oneit, cleanup/fix record-commands logic.
Thu, 06 Sep 2012 05:07:23 -0500 Rob Landley Prettify the kernel baseconfig, same general set of symbols.
Thu, 06 Sep 2012 05:05:57 -0500 Rob Landley Busybox version update.
Thu, 06 Sep 2012 03:44:47 -0500 Rob Landley Sort busybox config entries to group stuff toybox can replace. Also add ps.
Tue, 04 Sep 2012 16:36:16 -0500 Rob Landley Fix display when using an unbacked package cache entry.
Wed, 29 Aug 2012 21:53:27 -0500 Rob Landley Enable some epically obscure functions in uClibc which mdadm needs to auto-scan arrays.
Wed, 29 Aug 2012 21:52:23 -0500 Rob Landley Comment tweaks, and make run-emulator.sh use bash.
Wed, 29 Aug 2012 21:49:42 -0500 Rob Landley Check in web page changes from last release.
Wed, 22 Aug 2012 20:54:33 -0500 Rob Landley Added tag 1.2.0 for changeset 2d264744ac3a
Wed, 22 Aug 2012 19:44:44 -0500 Rob Landley Fix to busybox ftpd so native-build can upload, and switch on yet another uClibc symbol busybox defconfig grew a dependency on. 1.2.0
Sun, 19 Aug 2012 12:46:36 -0500 Rob Landley Make arm versatile work again.
Fri, 17 Aug 2012 18:54:00 -0500 Rob Landley Fix ".config is a directory" error with uClibc++.
Thu, 16 Aug 2012 21:59:27 -0500 Rob Landley Fix source/target confusion that bites Fedora host = target builds.
Fri, 27 Jul 2012 08:56:55 -0500 Rob Landley Workaround for sh4 bug.
Wed, 25 Jul 2012 08:25:24 -0500 Rob Landley The 3.5 kernel and toybox 0.4.0. Some fixes likely to be required.
Sun, 10 Jun 2012 20:34:04 -0500 Rob Landley Minor cleanup and remove hardlinking for chroot-splice: it's slower and uses more disk space but doesn't damage external copy if something goes wrong.