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 directory builds stuff relative to / (not to /tools), so either symlink
 /lib to /tools/lib or install uClibc first thing.
+The image-$ARCH.ext2.bz2 are bzipped filesystem image files for use with
+qemu via  The corresponding kernels are in the
+mini-native-$ARCH tarballs.  Yeah, I should probably repackage that
+next release...
 Note: The cross compiler is small and simple and only supports C.  The native
 compiler supports C++ as well.
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 <!--#include file="header.html" -->
+<h2>March 6, 2007</h2>
+<p>Version 0.2.0 is out.  This one builds ext2 images which can boot up to a
+shell prompt under qemu.  This works on i686, armv4l, x86_64, and mipsel.
+(Sparc's broken.  Anyone who cares about sparc is welcome to debug it.)</p>
+<p>There are now prebuilt ext2 image files in the download directory.
+The kernels are in the mini-native tarballs.  (Yeah, I should repackage that
+next release.)  The system emulator invocation for each platform is
+the appropriate sources/configs file, and invokes 'em.</p>
+<p>The mailing list is in the usual place if you have any questions.</p>
 <h2>January 14, 2007</h2>
 <p>There's a new irc channel for the project, #firmware on freenode.</p>