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 URL= \
 SHA1=f4a580f75f605b8f7c285958c4f3ec11183dff6c \
 download || dienow
 URL= \
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 # Create a MANIFEST file listing package versions.
 # This can optionally call source control systems (hg and svn) to get version
-# information for the FWL build scripts and any USE_UNSTABLE packages, so
-# use $OLDPATH.  (Most likely we haven't run yet, but just
+# information for the FWL build scripts and any USE_UNSTABLE packages.  These
+# are intentionally excluded from the new path setup by, so
+# just in case we've already run that use $OLDPATH for this.
 blank_tempdir "$WORK"
 PATH="$OLDPATH" do_readme > "$SRCDIR"/MANIFEST || dienow
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 <li><p><a href=#ubuntu_mispackaged_qemu>Q: ./ says qemu-system-mips isn't found, but I installed qemu.  Why isn't this working?</a></p></li>
 <li><p><a href=#case_sensitive_patch>Q: I added my uClibc patch to sources/patches but it didn't do anything, what's wrong?</a></p></li>
+<li><p><a href=#package_breaks>Q: Why did packate build $NAME die because it couldn't find $PREREQUISITE, even though it's installed?</a></p></li>
 <a name=where_start /><h2>Q: Where do I start?</h2>
@@ -128,5 +130,23 @@
 <p>The Linux filesystem is case sensitive, so the patch has to start with
 "uClibc-" with a capital C.</p>
+<a name=package_breaks /><h2>Q: Why did the $NAME package build die
+with a complaint that it couldn't find $PREREQUISITE, even though that's
+installed on the host?  (For example, distcc and python.)</h2>
+<p>Because you skipped the step, and because installing a package
+on the host isn't the same as installing it on the target.</p>
+<p>Even though is technically an optional step, your host has to
+be carefully set up to work without it.</p>
+<p>Not only does add prerequisite packages your build requires,
+it _removes_ everything else from the path that might change the behavior of
+the build.  Without this, the ./configure stages of various packages will
+detect that libtool exists, or that the host has Python or Perl installed,
+and configure the packages to make use of things that the cross compiler's
+headers and libraries don't have, and that the target root filesystem
+may not have installed.</p>
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