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Update news with 1.2.5 release.
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-<li>New to the project? Read <b><a href=about.html>About Aboriginal Linux.</a></b></li>
-<li>Current release: (version 1.2.4, July 7, 2013):
-<a href=downloads/aboriginal-1.2.4.tar.bz2>build scripts</a>,
+<li>New to the project? Read <b><a href=about.html>About Aboriginal Linux</a>.</b></li>
+<li>Current release: (version 1.2.5, September 17, 2013):
+<a href=downloads/aboriginal-1.2.5.tar.bz2>build scripts</a>,
 <a href=bin>prebuilt binaries</a>.</li>
 <li>Development version:
 <a href=/hg/aboriginal>mercurial repository</a>,
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+<hr /><h2><a name="17-09-2012" />September 17, 2013</h2>
+<p>Aboriginal Linux <a href=downloads/aboriginal-1.2.5.tar.bz2>1.2.5</a>
+is out, based on <a href=/hg/aboriginal/shortlog/1627>hg 1627</a> and using Linux for Workgroups
+(3.11) and toybox 0.4.6.</p>
+<p>Same versions of the other packages as last time, even busybox and uClibc.
+The musl migration is coming but didn't quite make it this release.
+The busybox to toybox migration continues, with toybox now supplying grep and
+umount. This leaves busybox providing:</p>
+ash awk bunzip2 bzip2 cpio dd diff expr fdisk find ftpd ftpget ftpput 
+gunzip gzip install less lspci man mount pgrep ping pkill ps route sed 
+sh sha512sum tar test tr unxz vi wget xzcat zcat
+<p>(Several of which are already in the toybox "pending" directory defaulting
+to "n" while they await review and cleanup.)</p>
+<p>If you use qemu 1.6.0, note that mips and sparc networking are broken.
+1.5.0 works. No, I don't know what the qemu guys are using for regression
+testing either.</p.
 <hr /><h2><a name="07-07-2012" />July 7, 2013</h2>
 <p>[UPDATE: missed checking in a file, hence the .1 release. Old
 broken tarball's been moved to <a href=downloads/old>old</a>.]</p>