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 <p>A: Yup.  The name changed shortly before the 1.0 release in 2010.</p>
-<p>If you're really bored, there's a page on
-<a href=history.html>the history of the project</a>, which includes the
-rationale for the name change.</p>
+<p>The name "Aboriginal Linux" is based on a synonym for "native", as in
+native compiling.  It implies it's the first Linux on a new system, and also
+that it can be replaced.  It turns a system into something you can do
+native development in, terraforming your environment so you can use it
+to natively build your deployment environment (which may be something else
+<p>Aboriginal Linux is cross compiled, but after it boots you shouldn't need
+to do any more cross compiling.  (Except optionally using the cross compiler
+as a native building accelerator via distcc.)  Hence our motto,
+"We cross compile so you don't have to".</p>
+<p>The old name didn't describe the project very well.  (It also had tens
+of millions of Google hits, most of which weren't this project.)  If you're
+really bored, there's a page on <a href=history.html>the history of the
 <a name=add_package /><h2>Q: How do I add $PACKAGE to my system image's root filesystem?</h2>