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-<h2><a href=news.html>News: 0.9.9 released December 8, 2009</a></h2>
 <b><h1><a href=documentation.html>What is Firmware Linux?</a></h1></b>
-<p>Firmware Linux is an embedded Linux build system, designed to eliminate
-the need for cross compiling.</p>
+<p>Firmware Linux is an embedded Linux build system, designed to reduce or
+even eliminate the need for cross compiling.</p>
 <p>The build system is a series of bash scripts which create a small native
 Linux development environment for each target, runnable on real hardware or
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 <b><h2><a href=downloads>Source Code</a></h2></b>
-<p>The current source tarball is
-<a href=downloads/firmware-0.9.9.tar.bz2>Firmware Linux version 0.9.9</a>.
-This is the series of shell scripts you run to create the various binary
+<p>The <a href=downloads>Firmware Linux source code</a> is
+a series of shell scripts which run to create the various binary
 images.  See the <a href=downloads/README>README</a> for usage instructions,
 and the <a href=news.html>release notes</a>.</p>