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Largeish refactoring and cleanup of compiler build: Break out from NATIVE_TOOLCHAIN=* went away now NO_NATIVE_COMPILER=1 affecting Much simplified No more ROOT_TOPDIR, adjust STAGE_DIR=$STAGE_DIR/usr instead. Doesn't build native-compiler, instead copies existing native-compiler else installs library binaries out of cross compiler. Only build make/bash/distcc when we have a native compiler. No more BUILD_STATIC_NATIVE_COMPILER, now built/packaged separately by default (NO_NATIVE_COMPILER=1 to skip), then incorporated into root-filesystem. now static by default, use BUILD_STATIC=none to override This script also makes the (optional) full cross-compiler renamed STATIC_CROSS_COMPILER_HOST to STATIC_CC_HOST Rename cross-compiler stage to simple-cross-compiler
author Rob Landley <>
date Sun, 03 Jan 2010 17:04:39 -0600
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# Grab cross compiler (for distcc) and run development environment.

export PATH="$(pwd)/build/host:$(pwd)/build/"{,simple-}"cross-compiler-$1/bin:$PATH"

# Run development environment.

cd build/system-image-"$1" && ./