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When doing BUILD_SHORT (without development tools), use / instead of /tools.
author Rob Landley <>
date Wed, 21 May 2008 17:52:45 -0500
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# Get lots of predefined environment variables and shell functions.


rm -rf "${NATIVE}"

if [ -z "${BUILD_SHORT}" ]

  # Tell the wrapper script where to find the dynamic linker.
  export UCLIBC_DYNAMIC_LINKER=/tools/lib/
  export UCLIBC_RPATH=/tools/lib
mkdir -p "${TOOLS}/bin" || dienow

# Purple.  And why not?
echo -e "\e[35m"

# Build and install Linux kernel.

setupfor linux
# Install Linux kernel headers (for use by uClibc).
make headers_install -j "$CPUS" ARCH="${KARCH}" INSTALL_HDR_PATH="${TOOLS}" &&
# build bootable kernel for target
make ARCH="${KARCH}" allnoconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG="${WORK}/miniconfig-linux" &&
cp "${KERNEL_PATH}" "${WORK}/zImage-${ARCH}" &&
cd ..

cleanup linux

# Build and install uClibc.  (We could just copy the one from the compiler
# toolchain, but this is cleaner.)

setupfor uClibc
make allnoconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG="${WORK}/miniconfig-uClibc" &&
# Can't use -j here, build is unstable.
make CROSS="${ARCH}-" KERNEL_HEADERS="${TOOLS}/include" PREFIX="${TOOLS}/" \
        all install_runtime install_dev utils &&
# utils_install wants to put stuff in usr/bin instead of bin.
install -m 755 utils/{readelf,ldd,ldconfig} "${TOOLS}/bin" &&
cd ..

cleanup uClibc

# Build and install toybox

setupfor toybox

make defconfig &&
make install_flat PREFIX="${TOOLS}"/bin CROSS="${ARCH}-" &&
rm "${TOOLS}"/bin/sh &&  # Bash won't install if this exists.
cd ..

cleanup toybox

# Build and install busybox

setupfor busybox
cp "${SOURCES}/config-busybox" .config &&
yes "" | make oldconfig &&
#make defconfig &&
make -j $CPUS CROSS="${ARCH}-" &&
cp busybox "${TOOLS}/bin"
[ $? -ne 0 ] && dienow
for i in $(sed 's@.*/@@' busybox.links)
  ln -s busybox "${TOOLS}/bin/$i" || dienow
cd ..

cleanup busybox

if [ ! -z "${BUILD_SHORT}" ]
  # If you want to use tinycc, you need to keep the headers but don't need gcc.
  [ "$BUILD_SHORT" != "headers" ] && rm -rf "${TOOLS}"/include

# Build and install native binutils

setupfor binutils build-binutils
CC="${ARCH}-gcc" AR="${ARCH}-ar" "${CURSRC}/configure" --prefix="${TOOLS}" \
  --build="${CROSS_HOST}" --host="${CROSS_TARGET}" --target="${CROSS_TARGET}" \
  --disable-nls --disable-shared --disable-multilib --program-prefix= \
make -j $CPUS configure-host &&
make -j $CPUS &&
make -j $CPUS install &&
cd .. &&
mkdir -p "${TOOLS}/include" &&
cp binutils/include/libiberty.h "${TOOLS}/include"

cleanup binutils build-binutils

# Build and install native gcc, with c++ support this time.

setupfor gcc-core build-gcc
setupfor gcc-g++ build-gcc gcc-core
# GCC tries to "help out in the kitchen" by screwing up the linux include
# files.  Cut out those bits with sed and throw them away.
sed -i 's@^STMP_FIX.*@@' "${CURSRC}/gcc/" &&
# GCC has some deep assumptions about the name of the cross-compiler it should
# be using.  These assumptions are wrong, and lots of redundant corrections
# are required to make it stop.
CC="${ARCH}-gcc" GCC_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-gcc" CC_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-gcc" \
  AR="${ARCH}-ar" AR_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-ar" AS="${ARCH}-as" LD="${ARCH}-ld" \
  NM="${ARCH}-nm" NM_FOR_TARGET="${ARCH}-nm" \
  "${CURSRC}/configure" --prefix="${TOOLS}" --disable-multilib \
  --build="${CROSS_HOST}" --host="${CROSS_TARGET}" --target="${CROSS_TARGET}" \
  --enable-long-long --enable-c99 --enable-shared --enable-threads=posix \
  --enable-__cxa_atexit --disable-nls --enable-languages=c,c++ \
  --disable-libstdcxx-pch --program-prefix="" $GCC_FLAGS &&
make -j $CPUS configure-host &&
make -j $CPUS all-gcc &&
make -j $CPUS install-gcc &&
ln -s gcc "${TOOLS}/bin/cc" &&
cd ..

cleanup gcc-core build-gcc

# Move the gcc internal libraries and headers somewhere sane, and
# build and install gcc wrapper script.

mkdir -p "${TOOLS}"/gcc &&
mv "${TOOLS}"/lib/gcc/*/*/include "${TOOLS}"/gcc/include &&
mv "${TOOLS}"/lib/gcc/*/* "${TOOLS}"/gcc/lib &&
mv "${TOOLS}/bin/gcc" "${TOOLS}/bin/gcc-unwrapped" &&
"${ARCH}-gcc" "${TOP}"/sources/toys/gcc-uClibc.c -Os -s -o "${TOOLS}/bin/gcc"

cleanup "${TOOLS}"/{lib/gcc,gcc/lib/install-tools}

# Build and install make

setupfor make
CC="${ARCH}-gcc" ./configure --prefix="${TOOLS}" --build="${CROSS_HOST}" \
  --host="${CROSS_TARGET}" &&
make -j $CPUS &&
make -j $CPUS install &&
cd ..

cleanup make

# Build and install bash.  (Yes, this is an old version.  I prefer it.)
# I plan to replace it with toysh anyway.

setupfor bash
# wire around some tests ./configure can't run when cross-compiling.
cat > config.cache << EOF &&
CC="${ARCH}-gcc" RANLIB="${ARCH}-ranlib" ./configure --prefix="${TOOLS}" \
  --build="${CROSS_HOST}" --host="${CROSS_TARGET}" --cache-file=config.cache \
  --without-bash-malloc --disable-readline &&
# note: doesn't work with -j
make &&
make install &&
# Make bash the default shell.
ln -s bash "${TOOLS}/bin/sh" &&
cd ..

cleanup bash

setupfor distcc
./configure --host="${ARCH}" --prefix="${TOOLS}" --with-included-popt &&
make -j $CPUS &&
make -j $CPUS install &&
mkdir -p "${TOOLS}/distcc" &&
ln -s ../bin/distcc "${TOOLS}/distcc/gcc" &&
ln -s ../bin/distcc "${TOOLS}/distcc/cc"
cd ..

cleanup distcc

# Put statically and dynamically linked hello world programs on there for
# test purposes.

"${ARCH}-gcc" "${SOURCES}/toys/hello.c" -Os -s -o "${TOOLS}/bin/hello-dynamic"  &&
"${ARCH}-gcc" "${SOURCES}/toys/hello.c" -Os -s -static -o "${TOOLS}/bin/hello-static"

[ $? -ne 0 ] && dienow


# Copy qemu setup script and so on.

cp -r "${SOURCES}/native/." "${TOOLS}/" || dienow

# Clean up and package the result

"${ARCH}-strip" "${TOOLS}"/{bin/*,sbin/*,libexec/gcc/*/*/*}

cd "${BUILD}"
#echo -n "Creating tools.sqf"
#("${WORK}/mksquashfs" "${NATIVE}/tools" "tools-${ARCH}.sqf" \
#  -noappend -all-root -info || dienow) | dotprogress

echo -n creating mini-native-"${ARCH}".tar.bz2 &&
{ tar cjvf "mini-native-${ARCH}.tar.bz2" "mini-native-${ARCH}" || dienow
} | dotprogress

# Color back to normal
echo -e "\e[0mBuild complete"