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More about building older versions.
author Rob Landley <>
date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 17:17:52 -0500
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# Create an ext2 root filesystem image
# User User Mode Linux to package this, until toybox mke2fs is ready.


#echo -n "Creating tools.sqf"
#("${WORK}/mksquashfs" "${NATIVE}/tools" "${WORK}/tools.sqf" \
#  -noappend -all-root -info || dienow) | dotprogress


# A 64 meg sparse image
rm -f "$IMAGE"
dd if=/dev/zero of="$IMAGE" bs=1024 seek=$[64*1024-1] count=1 &&
/sbin/mke2fs -b 1024 -F "$IMAGE" &&

# Recreate tarball if changed.  We need to use tarball produced outside of
# UML because hostfs doesn't detect hard links, which wastes space in the
# resulting filesystem.

cd "$BUILD" || dienow
if [ ! -z "$(find "mini-native-${ARCH}" -newer "mini-native-${ARCH}.tar.bz2")" ]
  echo -n updating mini-native-"${ARCH}".tar.bz2 &&
  { tar cjvf "mini-native-${ARCH}.tar.bz2" "mini-native-${ARCH}" || dienow
  } | dotprogress

# Write out a script to control user mode linux
cat > "${WORK}/" << EOF &&
mount -n -t ramfs /dev /dev
mknod /dev/loop0 b 7 1
# Jump to build dir
echo copying files...
cd "$BUILD"
/sbin/losetup /dev/loop0 "$IMAGE"
mount -n -t ext2 /dev/loop0 "$TARDEST"
tar xf "$BUILD/mini-native-${ARCH}.tar.bz2"
mkdir "$TARDEST"/dev
mknod "$TARDEST"/dev/console c 5 1
umount "$TARDEST"
/sbin/losetup -d /dev/loop0
umount /dev
chmod +x ${WORK}/ &&
linux rootfstype=hostfs rw quiet ARCH=${ARCH} PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin init="${HOSTTOOLS}/oneit -p ${WORK}/" || dienow

# Provide qemu's common command line options between architectures.  The lack
# of ending quotes on -append is intentional, callers append more kernel
# command line arguments and provide their own ending quote.
function qemu_defaults()
  echo "-nographic -no-reboot \$WITH_HDB" \
       "-hda \"$1\" -kernel \"$2\" -append \"$3"

# Call the appropriate emulator.  We split out the filesystem, kernel, and
# base kernel command line arguments in case you want to use an emulator
# other than qemu, but put the default case in QEMU_BASE.

emulator_command image-$ARCH.ext2 zImage-$ARCH \
  'rw init=/tools/bin/ panic=1 PATH=$DISTCC_PATH_PREFIX/tools/bin $KERNEL_EXTRA' \
  > "$WORK/" &&

chmod +x "$WORK/"

# Create system-image-$ARCH.tar.bz2

function shipit()
  cd "$BUILD" || dienow
  rm -rf system-image-$ARCH
  mkdir system-image-$ARCH &&
  ln "$WORK"/{image-$ARCH.ext2,zImage-$ARCH,run-*.sh} system-image-$ARCH &&
  cp "$SOURCES"/toys/run-with-{distcc,home}.sh system-image-$ARCH

  [ $? -ne 0 ] && dienow

  [ "$ARCH" == powerpc ] && cp "$SOURCES"/toys/ppc_rom.bin system-image-$ARCH
  tar cvjf "$BUILD"/system-image-$ARCH.tar.bz2 system-image-$ARCH