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The following files live here: Common code included by every build stage.  Defines many
              environment variables. Function definitions, normally included from Functions usable in contexts other than the FWL build,
                        included from Wrapper to run a command line with a timeout.

  trimconfig-busybox: Busybox config file to switch off bits of "allyesconfig"
                      that don't work on all targets.

  baseconfig-uClibc: Common miniconfig shared by all architectures, to which
                     $UCLIBC_CONFIG from the target/$ARCH/settings is appended.

The following subdirectories live here:

  more: Additional scripts the user can run, but which aren't part of
        This directory contains external user interfaces, just obscure ones.

  native: Files copied verbatim into each architecture's root-filesystem image.

  toys: Various small code snippets written or maintained for this project.

  sections: Package build scripts called more than once during
            This is duplicate code factored out into a common location.

  patches: Patches applied to the packages listed in by "setupfor".
           Each package has "$PACKAGE-*.patch" applied in alphabetical order,
           or "alt-$PACKAGE-*.patch" for USE_UNSTABLE versions.

  targets: Configuration for each target platform, parsed by read_arch_dir()
           and getconfig() in  Each subdirectory is a
           target name, and contains at least four files:

      settings: Environment variables needed by the build.

      miniconfig-linux: linux kernel .config compressed by toys/
                        (If miniconfig-alt-linux exists, USE_UNSTABLE=linux
                         will use that instead.)

      miniconfig-uClibc: uClibc .config compressed by toys/
                         (If miniconfig-alt-uClibc exists, USE_UNSTABLE=uClibc
                          will use that instead.)

      description: Simple documentation about the platform