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Update paths and comments in, rename "none" to "stable", minor cleanup to logging.
author Rob Landley <>
date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 21:25:30 -0500
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# Build every target architecture, creating out-$ARCH.txt log files.
# If $FORK is set, build them in parallel.

. sources/ || exit 1

export FAIL_QUIET=1

[ -z "${ARCHES}" ] &&
  ARCHES="$(cd sources/targets/; ls | grep -v '^hw-')"

[ -z "$HWARCHES" ] &&
  HWARCHES="$(cd sources/targets; ls | grep '^hw-')"

[ ! -z "$FORK" ] && QUIET=1

trap "killtree $$" EXIT

# Build the host architecture.  This has to be built first so the other
# architectures can canadian cross static compilers to run on the host using
# this toolchain to link against a host version of uClibc.

# This also performs the and steps, which don't
# parallelize well if many instances try to call them at once.

# If this fails, don't bother trying to build the other targets.

blank_tempdir build
mkdir -p build/logs &&
ln -s out-"$STATIC_CROSS_COMPILER_HOST".txt build/logs/out-host.txt &&
(./ 2>&1 "$STATIC_CROSS_COMPILER_HOST" || dienow) \
  | tee build/logs/build-"$STATIC_CROSS_COMPILER_HOST".txt | maybe_quiet

# Build all the remaining cross compilers, possibly in parallel

for i in ${ARCHES} ${HWARCHES}
  [ "$i" != "$STATIC_CROSS_COMPILER_HOST" ] &&
    maybe_fork "./ $i 2>&1 | tee build/logs/build-${i}.txt | maybe_quiet"


# Run for each non-hw target.

for i in ${ARCHES}
  maybe_fork "sources/more/ $i 2>&1 | tee build/logs/smoketest-$i.txt | maybe_quiet"


# This one has to do its own forking to avoid redundantly creating hdc.sqf

sources/more/ $i

# Create a file containing simple pass/fail results for all architectures.

sources/more/ --logs | tee build/logs/status.txt