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Brown paper bag bug: setting HOST_BUILD_EXTRA or using ./ --extract causes a build break. The regex in the shell function noversion doesn't recognize two consecutive letters as part of a legitimate version name, so qemu-2d18e637e5ec.tar.bz2 should actually be qemu-2d18e637e5e.tar.bz2 in order to be recognized as "qemu". (That's using the git commit ID as the version, which would have worked if I'd cut it in the right place.) I forgot that ./ doesn't use ./ --extract anymore, so of course it didn't catch this.
author Rob Landley <>
date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 22:56:13 -0500
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478178b9337bcb1aa7cce39fa81ab67507f0e70d 0.1.0
8b75dee28f400573ce282f3ac8a485b48a2d9fbb 0.0.1
f56cfecf46214588c14428311f7a0f7488c2fb19 0.1.1
2dd9f480ff4efc0ddf0c685a9407ddc93b690f29 0.2.0
ce1ca3d0f95b6da9369d87c9d7e1dd610ecedfa0 0.2.1
dd60fbdf04c74a7af06ee316c782efc57006f57d 0.2.2
c3d2fd8b45cfa3c86f748cb9e759674ec3c88eea 0.3.0
3ca6f52688acb05733552bea3e08f319daf8da04 0.3.1
1a70dfe0a436ef20206451b5c3602f591e3ac349 0.4.0
2925f71bce99513468349b01d7cd5892aa40b047 0.9.0
f2b7db2e4315c94a06c78e0710d66b8aab0ee888 0.9.5
55a526672f43e040803a5ecf14754e76af6dcb53 0.9.6
d0b74a631587e2d929ef7f64f84a9a39aefd564b 0.9.7