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Fix toybox build script. CROSS_COMPILE needs to be an environment variable, not a make variable (otherwise it doesn't get automatically exported).
author Rob Landley <>
date Sat, 04 Feb 2012 13:29:02 -0600
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# Build toybox statically by default, but don't statically link against
# glibc (during build) because glibc is buggy and can't combine
# --static with --gc-sections. See http://blah for details

# Build toybox

make defconfig &&
cp .config "$WORK"/config-toybox &&
PREFIX="$STAGE_DIR" make install$([ -z "$DO_CROSS" ] && echo _flat) || dienow

if [ ! -z "$SKIP_STRIP" ]
  cp toybox_unstripped "$INSTDIR/toybox" || dienow