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Add m68k back.
author Rob Landley <>
date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 07:36:56 -0500
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# Download all the source tarballs we haven't got up-to-date copies of.

# The tarballs are downloaded into the "packages" directory, which is
# created as needed.

source sources/ || exit 1

# Set up working directories

blank_tempdir "$WORK"

cat > "$WORK"/init << 'EOF' || dienow

echo Started second stage init

cd /home &&
gcc -lpthread /usr/src/thread-hello2.c -o hello &&

# Upload our hello world file to the output directory (named hello-$HOST).
# No reason, just an example.

ftpput $FTP_SERVER -P $FTP_PORT hello-$HOST hello



chmod +x "$WORK"/init || dienow

cd "$TOP"

mksquashfs "$WORK" "$WORK.hdc" -noappend -all-root