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Add m68k back.
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The following files live here: Common code included by every build stage.  Defines many
              environment variables, and sources the various * Shell functions internal to Aboriginal Linux. Functions usable in contexts other than the Aboriginal
                        Linux build. Functions to manage package source.  (Download
                         tarballs, confirm checksums, extract and apply
                         patches, manage package cache.) Wrapper to run a command line with a timeout.

  baseconfig-linux: Common miniconfig shared by most architectures, to which
                    $LINUX_CONFIG from the target/$ARCH/settings is appended.

  baseconfig-uClibc: Common miniconfig shared by all architectures, to which
                     $UCLIBC_CONFIG from the target/$ARCH/settings is appended.

The following subdirectories live here:

  native: Files copied verbatim into each architecture's root-filesystem image.

  toys: Various small code snippets written or maintained for this project.

  sections: Package build scripts called more than once during
            This is duplicate code factored out into a common location.

  patches: Patches applied to the packages listed in by "setupfor".
           Each package has "$PACKAGE-*.patch" applied in alphabetical order,
           or "alt-$PACKAGE-*.patch" for USE_UNSTABLE versions.

  targets: Configuration for each target platform, parsed by load_target()
           and getconfig() in  Each entry is a target name,
           either a self-contained script setting configuration information,
           or else a directory containing:

      settings: Environment variables needed by the build.

      miniconfig-linux: linux kernel .config compressed by toys/
                        (If miniconfig-alt-linux exists, USE_UNSTABLE=linux
                         will use that instead.)

      miniconfig-uClibc: uClibc .config compressed by toys/
                         (If miniconfig-alt-uClibc exists, USE_UNSTABLE=uClibc
                          will use that instead.)

  root-filesystem: Files to be copied verbatim into the target filesystem.
                   Used by

  control-images: Scripts to generate control images, used to run automated
                  native builds under target system images.  Used by