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Fix a dangling symlink that confuses, and add some comments.
author Rob Landley <>
date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 17:52:27 -0500
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. sources/ || exit 1

# This script compiles stuff under the final system, using distcc to call out
# to the cross compiler.  It calls run-from-build with a here document.

# Note that the first line of the script is a few spaces followed by a comment
# character.  This gives some harmless data for the linux boot process (serial
# initialization) to consume and discard before it gets to the command prompt.
# (The comment character is just so you can see how much got eaten.)

# If you cat your own script into, you probably also need
# to start with a line of spaces like that.  Just FYI.

sources/more/ 60 cd build/system-image-$1 "&&" ./ << 'EOF'
# Show free space
# Smoke test for the compiler
gcc -s /usr/src/thread-hello2.c -lpthread -o /tmp/hello &&