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Switch from bz2 to gz tarball output. bz2 is slowly being replaced by lz variants, but gzip isn't going anywhere. (It retains a niche as a streaming protocol, it's the 80/20 solution optimizing for speed, low memory requirements, and simple compressor implementation.)
author Rob Landley <>
date Fri, 20 Feb 2015 13:12:45 -0600
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. sources/ || exit 1

# Test all architctures to see whether or not they can compile and run
# the included "hello world" program.

echo "Architecture,Smoketest,Control Image,Build Stage"

for i in $(ls sources/targets | sed 's@.*/@@')
  [ ! -f "sources/targets/$i" ] && continue

  echo -n "$i,"

  grep -q 'Hello world!' build/logs/smoketest-$i.txt 2>/dev/null &&
    echo -n "PASS," || echo -n "FAIL,"

  [ -e "build/dropbearmulti-$i" ] &&
    echo -n "PASS," || echo -n "FAIL,"

  echo $(
    sed -n 's/^=== \([^(]*\)([^ ]* \(.*\))/\2 \1/p' \
      build/logs/build-$i.txt | tail -n 1 )