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Switch from bz2 to gz tarball output. bz2 is slowly being replaced by lz variants, but gzip isn't going anywhere. (It retains a niche as a streaming protocol, it's the 80/20 solution optimizing for speed, low memory requirements, and simple compressor implementation.)
author Rob Landley <>
date Fri, 20 Feb 2015 13:12:45 -0600
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# List the commands used to build each architecture.

# If given an argument it's the architecture to compare others against,
# which shows just the extra commands used by those other architectures.

# Mines the output created by after


# Output the list of commands used in a command log.

function mine_commands()
  awk '{print $1}' build/logs/cmdlines.$1.* | sort -u

# Iterate through architectures

for i in `ls -1 build/logs/cmdlines.* | sed 's@.*/cmdlines\.\([^.]*\).*@\1@' | sort -u`
  [ "$COMPARE" == "$i" ] && continue

  # Start of new group, announce build stage we're looking at.
  echo -n Checking $i:

  if [ -z "$COMPARE" ]
    # Show all commands in first architecture.
    echo $(mine_commands $i)
    # Show commands that differ from first architecture (if any).
    echo $(sort <(mine_commands $COMPARE) <(mine_commands $i) | uniq -u)